Based on the information we have and our understanding of your requirements we craft a solution, sometimes more than one, for you to consider.


During this phase, we may engage outside resources such as manufacturers to provide additional expertise. Many times we will bring them to meet with you to explain and or demonstrate new technologies.


We look for the most economical way to completely satisfy your requirements. Repurposing existing hardware, modifying a procedure or process, we take the time to determine what if anything can be done to meet your goal with what you already own. It's not the most profitable way of doing business, but we've done it that way for over 30 years and have no intention of changing.


Our solutions are not "brand" exclusive. There are times when it may be a necessity to keep a single manufacturer, but often we use the best of several to arrive at a configuration. How will the solution interact with your current processes? Trying to avoid unintended consequences is paramount. We never want the solution to generate a new set of problems. It's a lofty goal, and at times probably not attainable, but we do as much as possible.


The solution(s) are presented to you for review. There may be occasions where a "proof of concept" is required, or demonstration equipment is needed, we address that at this point. Where possible we provide the opportunity for you to talk to other customers who have implemented this solution.


Next putting it all together, please read on.

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